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In 2019, 112 million visitors (+3.7 percent, including expansion) were counted at the 29 shopping centers operated in six countries by Austria’s market-leading shopping center operator, SES Spar European Shopping Centers. Regional focus and unique services played key roles in achieving such success, as did trendy gastronomic offers, local supplies and urban atmospheres. Of the 1,800 SES retail partners, small and medium-sized companies account for roughly 70 percent. Last year also saw the laying of the foundation for further growth. Expansion focused primarily on Slovenia and Croatia. Accordingly, maximum effort was put into the EUR 150 million ALEJA project in Ljubljana, which was completed in March 2020 and is due to open as a mixed-use shopping and leisure hot spot in 2020. As part of a joint venture, SES has also paved the way for further expansion in the Czech Republic. In 2019, SES invested EUR 34 million in the upgrading of existing locations. In line with the company's long-term sustainable energy policy, ISO certification was obtained in 2019. In the same context, the ambitious climate targets were made even more challenging.

In 2019, some 1,800 retail partners, located across 29 locations in six Central European countries and covering a total leased area of 790,000 square meters, generated gross sales of EUR 2.83 billion (+2.5 percent compared to 2018). Sales of the SES gift certificate, “Der Zehner” in Austria and “Desetak” in Slovenia, which can be redeemed at all centers, increased by a total of +3.4 percent over the previous year. Unique offers and a strong emphasis on regional flair comprise the main areas of focus for each center, as can be seen in their trendy gastronomic offers, exclusive services, local supplies, wide variety, and special events.

ALEJA Shopping Center Completed in March 2020, Opening Postponed Due to COVID-19
In 2019, the SES team, in its roles of developer, investor, and operator, drove the completion of the new ALEJA shopping center in Ljubljana forward. The project was constructed between August 2017 and March 2020 in the densely populated area of northwest Ljubljana. It is scheduled to open in May 2020. The opening date has been postponed as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.

ALEJA, the most modern shopping center in Slovenia, is expected to set the benchmark beyond national borders. SES has invested EUR 150 million in the district center, located in the heart of Šiška. More than 80 international, Slovenian, and local stores, restaurants, cafés, and service providers are spread across 32,000 square meters of leased space. ALEJA is an innovative mixed-use development featuring shopping, gastronomic offers, leisure activities, and sports facilities. “ALEJA SKY”, a 6,200-square-meter adventure and leisure zone located on the roof of the center, features green spaces as well as sports facilities for soccer, basketball, and volleyball, two fitness training areas, and a park complete with trails, benches, recreational areas, and a playground. Two pump track circuits, located in front of the building, round out the recreational facilities.

ALEJA is the fifth shopping center managed by SES in Slovenia. SES is the market leader in the country for large-scale shopping centers.

Quality Campaign in Slovenia: Growth of More Than 11 Percent
SES shopping centers have been in operation in the country since 1997. In 2019, the combined gross turnover of all retail partners operating at the four SES shopping centers in Ljubljana, Maribor, and Celje increased by 11 percent to EUR 527 million. One contributing factor was the rigorous quality campaign that has been carried out in recent years. In 2019, SES completed the EUR 20 million refurbishment of CITYPARK Ljubljana, centering around the mall's new anchor tenant Primark, which opened its first location in Slovenia at the center. At EUROPARK Maribor, the mall area on the upper floor and the INTERSPAR restaurant were refurbished.

Croatia also received its share of investments. At KING CROSS in Zagreb, anchor tenant Decathlon expanded its store space to 5,000 square meters. Part of the mall in that area was reconfigured and is scheduled for completion in 2020.

SES also performed well in neighboring countries in 2019. KORZÓ in Hungary recorded an increase of 3.1 percent, while the development of the three centers located in Italy remained stable compared to the previous year.

Expansion in the Czech Republic Secured for the Long Term
A joint venture with DBK Praha a.s. concerning EUROPARK in the southeast of the Czech capital was concluded in the spring of 2019 and secures the long-term expansion strategy. DBK acquired shares in the center, along with its strategic partner Proxy Finance; however, the management function remains with SES.

SES in Austria in 2019
In 2019, the centers managed by SES in Austria generated total retail sales of approximately EUR 1.9 billion. EUROPARK Salzburg, MURPARK Graz, and FISCHAPARK Wiener Neustadt were at the top of the SES turnover ranking. With regard to growth, MURPARK Graz led the field with an increase in sales of 5 percent, followed by HUMA ELEVEN Vienna with a sales increase of 4.8 percent, and FISCHAPARK with an increase of 2.8 percent. In terms of visitor footfall, FISCHAPARK topped the ranking and reported an increase of 7 percent. WEBERZEILE Ried also performed well, reporting another 2 percent increase in both retail partner turnover and visitor footfall.

New Center Shop Mix Arrivals
International brands, regional shops, exclusive start-ups, and creative shop and gastronomic concepts: These all combine to create the successful mix offered by SES centers. Last year, Manner, a traditional Viennese company, opened three SES locations. The first RITUALS shop in Vorarlberg made its debut at ZIMBAPARK Bludenz-Bürs.

Services Have Become More Essential
SES Spar European Shopping Centers has placed a great deal of emphasis on premium services for a number of years. The availability of a wide range of services, tailored to each location, has become increasingly important. The existing range of services offered at SES centers in Austria has been complemented by the free "Lesestoff" reading service since the summer of 2019. The digital newsstand gives visitors free access to digital newspapers and magazines during their stays at Austrian SES centers. SES intends to continue expanding its service offers at all centers in 2020.

Other popular services available at SES centers include: convenient parking, gas stations and e-charging stations, mobile phone charging stations, stroller and wheelchair rental, umbrella rental, lending libraries featuring relaxation and reading areas, well-equipped nursing and diaper-changing rooms complete with "emergency diaper" service, heated smoking lounges located outside the centers, and "living rooms" equipped with pinball machines, table socker, and much more.

PLANET LOLLIPOP Attracts More Than 175,000 Visitors in 2019
The successful figures posted by the seven PLANET LOLLIPOP sites, SES's children's adventure world for kids aged three and older, also con-firm the ever growing significance of services. In 2019, some 175,000 children (+5 percent) were catered to at locations across Austria, and more than 4,400 children's birthdays took place. SES is scheduled to open its first 500-square-meter PLANET LOLLIPOP in Slovenia, at the new ALEJA center in Ljubljana in 2020.

Mini Lollipop, an indoor play area for children between the ages of zero and four, which was launched in 2016, also proved to be very popular last year.

Exclusive Events
SES centers lived up to their reputation as THE locations for the hottest events and regional cooperation in 2019. From guest performances staged at OVAL Salzburg during the Mozart Weeks to charity cycling events, escape room adventures, numerous fashion shows, and the exclusive Red Bull Illume action photography exhibition, the centers provided the perfect settings to a wide variety of experiences. At WEBERZEILE Ried, in cooperation with aviation company FACC and Ehang, the first presentation and exhibition of an autonomous air taxi was made available to the general public in Austria. Visitors at other SES Centers were also given the opportunity to learn more about autonomous flying up to spring 2020.

Regional Cooperation
Every SES shopping center embraces the concept of social responsibility, be it through long-term cooperation with regional associations, unforgettable events, or various charity campaigns. In 2019, a collective total of more than EUR 570,000 was donated to local associations and charities by all SES centers.

ISO Certified Energy Management in 2019
A number of SES centers have already received awards for their commitment to sustainability. In 2019, SES introduced an energy management system in accordance with ISO 50001:2018 for the Austrian centers as well as for INTERSPAR stores and Maximarkt locations within the SPAR Group, which was certified by TÜV AUSTRIA in 2019. By adopting this new energy policy, SES has demonstrated its commitment to making an even stronger contribution to climate protection through sustainable real estate development than before. Particular attention will be paid to the expansion of photovoltaics in the future. As a result of the 2019 conversion to LED lighting in the underground parking garages at EUROPARK Salzburg and SILLPARK Innsbruck, more than 850,000 kWh of electricity can now be saved each year. The use of demand-controlled ventilation systems at many SES centers has reduced electricity consumption by more than 2.9 million kWh.

Projects in Austria
An urban quarter with an adjacent hotel is being planned for the city center of Lienz in East Tyrol, the implementation of which has been postponed in agreement with the city. As part of a joint venture with the City of Vienna, SES is responsible for the operation of Austria's first managed shopping street in aspern Seestadt. More and more new shops have opened in Seeparkquartier, the new business quarter of Seestadt, since 2019. The managed shopping street is expected to grow to 28 shops and 7,000 square meters of retail space by 2021. The concept development and management of the retail spaces in the northern part of Seestadt is also being handled by SES.

SES Employs Workforce of 389
SES employed a total of 389 people across six European countries in 2019.

Moreover, roughly 18,000 people employed in the retail, gastronomy, and services sectors work at SES shopping center locations.

SES Spar European Shopping Centers
SES is a developer, builder, and operator of shopping centers in six countries. The company currently manages 29 shopping locations in Central, Southern and Eastern Europe with over 1,800 shop partners on a leasable area (GLA) of more than 820,000 square meters. SES is the market leader in Austria and Slovenia for large-scale shopping centers. In 2019, tenants at SES locations generated gross sales of 2.83 billion euros. More than 112 million people visited the SES centers in the previous year. SES also offers its know-how in the areas of project development, construction management, leasing of shop space, as well as center and facility management to external owners of shopping malls right from the outset. SES centers have already received several national and international awards for architecture and design, sustainability, traffic flow concepts, and innovative marketing. SES is part of the SPAR Austria Group.

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