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SES focuses on multifunctional use at shopping locations

CITYPARK Graz, Austria to offer modern plasma donor center


Shopping alone is not enough: SES has been focusing on multifunctional retail real estate for years. Health and medical services are playing an increasingly important role in the new generation of shopping malls. With its integrated health center, the Austrian CITYPARK Graz mall, managed by SES, has been translating this into reality for years now. Following a two-month renovation phase, the modernized BioLife plasma donor center recently reopened for business.

NEW 20.04.2021 National
Quick & Straightforward: SES Makes Use of Rapid Tests at Shopping Centers and Cooperates with Pharmacies and a Local Hospital

COVID-19 Testing Available at 11 SES Shopping Centers, from Vienna to Tyrol


Testing, testing, testing: SES Spar European Shopping Centers, Austria's market-leading shopping center developer and operator, is backing the federal government's appeal and has further expanded its free COVID-19 antigen rapid testing service for visitors and shopping center employees. Of the 17 SES shopping centers in Austria, 11 currently offer the free service. In cooperation with pharmacies and a local hospital, its highly professional partners, SES has quickly and smoothly provided its own testing lanes or containers at its centers in Vienna, Lower Austria, Styria, Upper Austria, Salzburg, and Tyrol in recent weeks. Most pharmacies that operate within SES centers also offer their own testing facilities. Appointments can be booked via the oesterreich-testet.at and apotheken.oesterreich-testet.at platforms.



SES now holds a seat on the Executive Board of the new European Council of Shopping Places (ECSP) and is one of its founding members. Managing Director Christoph Andexlinger, Chief Operations Officer at SES since 1 January 2021, has been appointed as a member of the Executive Board of the ECSP and, as such, will represent the interests of the Austrian retail real estate industry at the European level for the next three years. The new Executive Board was elected and confirmed during the first ECSP General Meeting, which took place in Brussels on 31 March.

NEW 29.03.2021 National
SES Shopping Centers Decked Out for Easter

Easter Boosts Retailer Sales


Easter, along with Christmas, is one of the most important seasons in the retail world. Business during the Easter season is in full swing again this year at all SES shopping centers. As a result of the ongoing pandemic, brick-and-mortar retailers had to forego the high-turnover season last year, but this year, they are eager to make the most of it once again. The Easter Bunny is a major sales driver, especially in the sports, book, and toy sectors. The decorative items sector operating within the 17 centers across Austria has also reported good sales to date. In addition to sweets to fill Easter baskets, gifts, such as children's bicycles, backpacks, books, scooters, inline skates, toys, computer games, and consoles are in high demand. The Easter Bunny, after all, is known to be quite generous. In terms of table settings, demand for fine china is particularly strong. In the weeks leading up to Easter, sales of "Zehner" gift certificates are, on average, 20% to 30% higher than in months in which there is no seasonal focus, and the trend is upward.

NEW 22.03.2021 National
SES Kicks off the Spring Season with a Strong and Expansive Start

Numerous Store Openings across Austria

Photo6_Lets doit_Akkuwelten Werkzeug _c_Letsdoit

Attractive retail locations are not only appealing to customers – they also draw in expanding retailers in search of the best locations. Once again, SES aims to demonstrate the validity of such a concept via its 2021 store offensive. In spite of the economically challenging times in the brick-and-mortar retail sector, which have been brought about by the pandemic, new chain stores and service providers have been secured for SES shopping centers. Since February, numerous new stores from the textile, footwear, DIY, and service sectors have opened across Austria, including HUMA ELEVEN in Vienna, MURPARK in Graz, SILLPARK in Innsbruck, ATRIO in Villach, VARENA in Vöcklabruck, and the managed shopping street in aspern Seestadt in Vienna. Gastronomy facilities, which are set to begin operations after the pandemic-related restrictions have been lifted, are also included among them. Many stores have been remodeled and now showcase the latest concepts. SES has also recently opened a new retail park in Hungary and intends to continue its expansion strategy in the years to come.

NEW 15.03.2021 Projects
SES Expands in Hungary: Latest Retail Location in Somogy County Goes Live Despite COVID-19 Lockdown

Partial Opening of S-PARK in Kaposvár on 11 March Ensures Excellent Local Supply

Bild4_S-PARK_Andrea-Schönhauer_Christoph-Andexlingerc_András Pozsár

On Thursday, 11 March, SES Spar European Shopping Centers, the owner and operator of S-PARK Kaposvár, opened the most modern retail park in the Somogy region. As a result of a renewed lockdown in the country, only those stores that are deemed essential for the provision of basic goods and services to the population have been allowed to open: A 6,800-square-meter INTERSPAR store, a 600-square-meter dm drugstore, and a 150-square-meter Ofotért optical retail store now offer an appealing range of products and services to local neighborhoods. S-PARK, which boasts 560 free parking spaces and an excellent location, can be easily and optimally accessed. As soon as official Hungarian regulations permit, all other stores located at S-PARK, such as Hervis, Deichmann, Euronics, Pepco, and KIK, will go into full operation. The segment and shop mix, which includes a total of 10 stores, covering a leasable area of 11,200 m², will deliver a comprehensive and high-quality range of brands and services to Kaposvár and the surrounding region.

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